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                全国免费【服务电话:400-009-0266 农历



                    孕育于厚重的楚汉文化,承载着民族的崛起梦想,南阳中原智能电梯有限公司坚持“以用户为中心,打造然后再轻柔国人幸福生活”的经营理念,不断地努力前行。多年不懈〒的 追求,积淀拿手功夫了丰富的为客户提供无限价值的产品和服务方案,形成了先进前沿技术设计水准和可以信赖的品质保证能力,造就了训练有素的技术、管理和服务团队。
                    凭借雄@厚的技术实力,南就只是耍无赖阳中原智能电梯有限公司不仅可以提供包括客用ξ 、医用、载货、无机房、观光、自动扶梯、自动小子人行道、杂物等8大系列40余类电梯的制 造、安装和服声音清朗务产品,而且可以根据客户的特殊要求完成个性化电梯设计、制造、安装和服务。当今,低碳经济快速成长,南阳中原智能电梯有限公司朋友们也全是一丘之貉按照“信 息化、网络化”和“两低四无”的环保理念,不断提高电梯的技另外几家术性能和环保节能水平,致力为用户提供符合节能降耗、环保要求、有利杜先生仁心圣手于身心健康、搭◣乘便捷舒 适、适应高品质生活的优质产品和服务。

                Nanyang zhongyuan intelligent elevator co., LTD

                Enterprises directly under China ordnance group

                New China's first licensing the production and installation of specialized elevator design, manufacture, installation and service enterprises

                China elevator association governing units

                Italy CEN elevator (Pacific) co., LTD., in the assembly and service base of China.


                Nanyang, called "wan", "jin three mountain lake and take group, pillow FuNiu and the han river", known as the "s", "emperor" GuangWuDi Liu Xiu's place, zhuge liang to put his ideas into on this.

                Conceived in the massive chu culture, carrying the rise of national dream, nanyang zhongyuan intelligent elevator co., LTD., adhere to the "user-centric, make people happy life" business philosophy, constantly trying to move on. Unremitting pursuit for many years, accumulated the rich to provide unlimited value of products and services, formed the advanced cutting-edge technology design level and the reliable quality guarantee ability, make the well-trained technology, management and service team.

                Relying on strong technical strength, nanyang zhongyuan intelligent elevator co., LTD can provide not only include guest use, medical, cargo, machineroomless, sightseeing, escalators, automatic sidewalks, sundry goods and so on eight big series more than 40 type elevator manufacturing, installation and service of products, and can be done according to the special requirements of customers personalized elevator design, manufacture, installation and service. In today's world, low carbon economy fast growth, nanyang zhongyuan intelligent elevator co., LTD., in accordance with the "information, network" and "two low have-nots" environmental protection concept, continuously improve the technical performance of the elevator and the level of environmental protection and energy saving, dedicated to provide users with meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, is conducive to the physical and mental health, convenient ride comfortable, adapt to the high quality products and services of high quality life.

                With China's economic take-off, the revival of the Chinese nation, nanyang zhongyuan intelligent elevator co., LTD is willing with you hand in hand together to create great road, concomitant progress to success, to know each other in a happy life... .

                Your wish, is the goal we pursue.

                Your happiness, sending little we are full of passion.


                NO. 1218, Beijing North Road, Nanyang city, Henan Province